Adoption & Childbirth Education Services - Supporting pregnant women and adoptive parents through education
Through our 40 years of experience, we have witnessed countless pregnant women and adoptive parents involved in an adoption plan miss out on attending necessary and helpful childbirth education classes or newborn infant care classes because they were uncomfortable with the traditional childbirth classes that focus on parenting the baby.
The goals of our program are to provide childbirth and adoption education for birth mothers. Infant care, infant CPR/First Aid and adoption education for Parents "Getting Ready to Parent through Surrogacy or Adoption".
Topics for childbirth education include: understanding changes in the body, relaxation and comfort measures, preparing for the stages of labor, knowing what to expect, healthy lifestyle and good nutrition. Classes will also include, knowing when to call your health care provider, discussion of birthing plans, plans for follow-up care, and future family planning.
Topics for "Getting Ready to Parent through Surrogacy or Adoption" include new born infant care, infant safety, bottle feeding, attachment and bonding with your baby, calming and soothing techniques, common discomforts and relief measures, when to call the doctor, tips on traveling, immunizations and vaccines. Infant CPR/first aid, and adoption education.
Our clients will benefit from the caring, nurturance, acceptance, friendship and support afforded by the group and our knowledgeable adoption professionals.
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